Current Users

Are you a current ARKpX user?  Former Lockbox user?  Then this page is your one-stop shop for everything you need to access your account.  This page is currently under construction, so please excuse us while we change in front of you.

Existing ARKpX Manager Users

  • Need to download ARKpX software? Downloads
  • Can't install software, but need to launch ARKpX Manager using Java Web Start (Java 6 or higher required)? Login
  • Got a question?  Have your checked out our FAQ section to see if we've already provided an answer? FAQs

Need Help?

Contact our support team for immediate assistance from one of our real-life humans (seriously, real people, not just a computer).  You can submit a support query via our website, email us, or call us to talk to an ARKpX expert.  Contact Us

Are you more the DIY type?  Check out our online help. Support


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