Need to know more about ARKpX? If you don’t find the answers you need here, please contact an ARKpX expert.

How do I get started with ARKpX?

You, and anyone you are sharing files with, just need to download and install ARKpX from our website. For your iPad, just download the ARKpX App from the App Store.

Does my IT department need to get involved to install ARKpX?

As long as you have the right to install software on your computer or iPad, you can get started with ARKpX in minutes. To run Client Portal, you will need to embed a line of code in your website. Your  IT department can assist with this.

Why is ARKpX safer than other cloud options?

ARKpX gives you the power to encrypt all documents on your local device before they are stored or shared. Our client-side, document-based, end-to-end encryption means your files are always secure. You are the only person who controls the encryption keys, therefore only you control access.

Other encryption services are performed when the files are uploaded to the cloud. If the cloud provider encrypts your file on their servers, they have access to your encryption keys, so your file is neither secure nor private.

Some providers encrypt files on your device. The challenge in that case is how to share the keys to allow someone else to have access to your documents. With ARKpX, we make control and sharing of keys easy. You choose when to share a file and associated keys, or when to take the access away. This means that not even the ARKpX team can access your files. If hackers breach your server or computer, your data is encrypted. All they would see is scrambled code.

Does ARKpX meet financial services security and privacy regulations?

Yes. In fact ARKpX exceeds security requirements based on international federal and state laws as well as the International Association of Privacy Professionals. ARKpX also complies with data sovereignty requirements, as we allow you to choose where you store your encrypted files.

How do I make sure ARKpX is updated to the latest version?

There is no need to worry. ARKpX upgrades are automatic.

Does ARKpX use compression to save space?

Yes. ARKpX compresses all files before encrypting and storing in the cloud. This improves upload and download performance, and increases the effective storage space of all users.

Does encrypting and decrypting files take a long time?

Average sized files take a fraction of a second. It is usually less time than it took to read this sentence, and much faster than it takes to upload or download the file.

What kind of files can be stored in ARKpX?

Any file of any size can be stored with ARKpX. Users with larger data needs can purchase additional storage by contacting us.

Who can access my files?

You control who has access to your ARK. Granting and removing access is easy and instantaneous. No unauthorized person, not even ARKpX staff, can access your files.

Can I permanently delete files?

Yes. Files and folders are permanently deleted.

What happens if people download the file to their local device?

Privacy@Rest® is our unique technology that ensures even if a file is downloaded locally, it remains encrypted and that users must have access to ARKpX and the associated encryption keys to open and access that file.

You can choose to allow people to download and save a file locally. You can also choose to enforce Digital Rights Management (DRM) such as restricted printing, no local save, no opening in different applications, etc.

What happens if I forget my password?

Everyone forgets their password sometimes.

You can nominate a trusted person who has access to your emergency password. Your emergency password does not give them access to your files – it can only be used by you to give you access to your encryption keys.

There are no call centers, no speaking to people you don’t know, no chance of social engineering attacks. You choose who you trust to help with your password.

When you next login, you will be prompted for a new password. No-one else, including your trusted person, can actually login to your account.

Do I need to worry about MDM or Mobile Device Management?

The ARKpX app does not need any MDM or specialist hardware to work. We provide Mobile File Management instead that encrypts the files and controls the encryption keys. Our focus is on controlling the data rather than the device.

Can I enforce Digital Rights Management or DRM on ARKpX?

We allow full enforcement of DRM on any PDF document you upload into an ARK. You choose whether you want to restrict printing, saving or even how long other users have access to a file.

What if my client using Client Portal or the ARKpX App forgets their password?

No problem. Simply use the ‘Reset Client Passphrase’ option in your ARKpX Manager.

How do I share files with colleagues?

Easy. Create an ARK and invite colleagues to share it. Simply drag and drop files into the ARK where they will be instantly encrypted and available to anyone you have invited. They can access these files either through ARKpX Manager, the ARKpX App or Client Portal.

How do I share files with clients or people outside my organisation?

Giving people access to your ARK is as simple telling people to download the ARKpX App, or adding one line of HTML to your website to create a Client Portal. Once you provide your client or guest with a login, your clients don't even need to register. Sharing can start straight away.

Where are my files stored?

With ARKpX you can choose where your data is stored. Jurisdictions for data storage include US, Europe (Ireland), Asia (Singapore), Australia, South America (Brazil) and a growing list of alternatives. ARKpX leverages Amazon S3 for stable and reliable service. See http://aws.amazon.com/s3/ for more information about Amazon S3.

How do I know if people have accessed or uploaded files?

The ARKpX Dashboard is an optional Windows application that allows you to view and audit activity in your ARK. Real time pop-ups let you know when clients access files and upload new files. In the future the Dashboard functionality will be integrated into ARKpX Manager.

What are the system requirements for ARKpX?

ARKpX Manager runs on all major operating systems including Microsoft Windows (XP/Vista/7/8) and Apple Mac (OS X 10.7 or higher), both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.  

The ARKpX App runs on iOS 6 and 7, and works on all models of the iPad and iPhone 4 onwards.

Client Portal has the same requirements as ARKpX Manager. We also have a Java version of Client Portal for those clients that cannot install software on their computers. This requires Java 1.7.